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My Camera Biz

You can join the ranks of thousands of people who are earning money by taking photos and uploading them to internet websites. I know because I average $219 per day working totally part-time using only a cheap $99 digital camera! I will show you step-by-step how you can earn a few hundred dollars per week or even a few thousand by following my simple steps. Read more...

Photography Posing Secrets

One of the hardest pictures to take is one where you have to pose the human body. Coming up with ideas to fit the location or mood can be difficult. How do you avoid your subject looking awkward? Getting your idea across to the model is also a challenge. You can try to avoid the effort and frustration by using posing cards, but they limit you to how many cards you have that might fit your requirements. Many books that are supposed to advise you on posing waste your time with details on depth of field, average photographs with trite captions, and what should be in the model's tote bag. Read more...

Trick Photography and Special Effects

Most people (even established photographers!) have not seen anything like this stuff before, so learning these techniques will arguably give you an advantage when entering photo contests. I am not saying you will win every contest you enter, but you WILL have an advantage over the average person. Read more...

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